The Process

  1. Create your List

  2. Contact

  3. Invite
    How - new BP language
    How - ongoing language - your story

  4. Show the Plan​

  5. Follow up / 3 way call

  6. How to Enroll Someone

What to say when someone asks you what you do.

Remember...Not everyone is going to sign up. For every 10 you talk to 1 will sign up.

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Create Your List

Share the list from Go Pro


How to contact people....

How to Invite Family and Friends...the Right way.

Step 1: Compliment your close friend or family members.

Do you have a minute? I just want to thank you being a part of my world. I know that we give each other a hard time and joke around, but I also know that you have my back.  I know that you’ll support me. That you’re in my corner that you want to see me succeed.  I appreciate that about you.

Step 2:  Be vulnerable.

I’ve joined a business and I’m really excited about it. But I’m also a little nervous. I’m a little scared.

Step 3: Disqualify them. Remove the as a prospect as a distributor

Listen before you worry about this. I do not want to sign you up.  I don’t want you to join my team.

Step 4: Ask for support. Be a customer short term.
It would mean the world to me if you would be my customer just one time.

Step 5:
Thank then. Please give me some feedback on the product.

Lastly,  say

“Will you encourage me and push me along the way.”

Invitation Language

Invite with sincerity.  Lead with the heart not your head.

  • Connect with them.

  • Compliment them. 

  • Don’t try to sell them right away.
    Ask about their life.
    Identify how you may be able to help them.  Is it Health? Is it Wealth?

    Use FORM
    Ask about their Family, Occupation, Recreation, share your Message

  • Ask them….If you continue doing what you’re currently doing, where will you be in 5 years?

It’s all about Story telling.

Tell stories…

Before my opportunity.

Since my opportunity, I have … and I’m all In!

In the future with my opportunity, I see myself…

My current situation. I’ve been a (teacher) but I’m maxed out. I can’t make any more money.  I was looking for something. I’m all in on it.  I don’t know if it's for you or not.  (If you know them add…I didn’t want you mad at me if I didn’t share it).  Would you be open to watching a 20 minute video to learn more? Great. I’m going to call you back in 20 minutes.

How to tell your story

The 3 ACT Play. (2 ½ minutes)

Act 1. – The before. (60 seconds).   3 specific characteristics. 

Act 2 -  The Pivot (30 seconds).  Then I changed ….

Act 3 – The After.  The Now.  (60 seconds).  3 specific characteristics

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Show the Plan

Share one of the following videos

or send them to our teams website. 

  • Melissa Doody

  • Christine Keegan

  • Greg and Christine Plaskett

  • The home page has 20 minutes business opportunity videos, a Vasayo/product video and a compensation video.

 Follow up / 3 way




Objections and NOs

No time – ask how does that make you feel?(and I don’t say that tongue in cheek)

No money – ask how does that make you feel?

For final NOs
Say…”You mind if I keep you updated”.  THEN when there’s an update or new product go back and say “Hey man want to give you a quick update…."

If you get Ghosted:

"Hey mary, I noticed you saw my last message but didn’t reply.  
Then send a Gif with humor. (put image)
( then wait....). If no response send:
If you can let me know either way, I would appreciate it."

How to Enroll Someone